Our model explained

The model is defined by three building blocks around the platform.


In this example three organizations are connected to the Subscriber. He has three saga’s, two with members and one with a non member.




A Subscription is based on a single client endpoint (database or application server) connecting to SYNDA. For some larger organizations, running multiple databases (eg DEPOT Software for the EU and US on separate databases) multiple Subscriptions are required.



When integrating between parties, we consider multiple messages about the same subject to be a Saga. A Saga can be seen as a story that you or your business partner starts. It consists of one or multiple messages between various partners about the same subject. With each exchange the content of the saga is enriched with additional information. This means that each saga contains its entire history and can be validated as such.


Business partners

A business partner is any company you want to integrate with. If the Business Partner has a SYNDA Subscription we consider this a Member of SYNDA. If a Business Partner does not have a SYNDA Subscription we consider this a non SYNDA member.

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