The next generation VAN
for the tank container industry

SYNDA is a VAN (Value Added Network), for the tankcontainer industry.
We aim to simplify and optimize data exchange between
stakeholders in the container industry.

Switching to the Synda platform offers effortless data exchange between you and your trading partners. With this innovative way of communication you’ll not only work smarter and easier, but save money as well. Let us show how.

Why start to today?

Lower cost of data exchange
No need to change your existing software
Fixed Monthly fee
Higher service, faster response
Data direct available

Common Data Exchange

The old landscape with multiple data sources, different interfaces and stand-alone or cloud applications between actors is cluttered, has lots of variations and, in the worst case, looks a bit like this image.

This landscape has been known to cause lots of serious issues because of the way the system works:

  • No data exchange standard
  • Data exchange many : many
  • No Transparancy
  • Customized exchange formats
  • Time & money consuming

Which has been know to lead to:

  • Data silo’s
  • Issues to streamline operations or collaborate with suppliers and partners
  • Incomplete, inaccurate or outdated data
  • Manual data entry

This complex subject makes it very hard to turn it into a growth enabler to your company. It's hard to scale-up, keep an overview and expand.


"We envision a tank container industry where all stakeholders can profit from the availability of tank container data. The tank container industry requires a new approach to effectively manage the exchange of data."

Our vision statement


The New Data Exchange Landscape

We envision a container industry where all stakeholders can profit from the availability of container data. The container industry requires a new approach to effectively manage the exchange of data.

Our philosophy and new way of working in the industry is characterized by:

  • Data exchange platform
  • Data exchange 1 : many
  • Data exchange library
  • Standardized exchange formats
  • Increase speed
  • Save money
  • Reduce communication & coordination

Our communication vision

Our vision is to help organizations in the tank container industry to exchange data in a smarter and more efficient way.

Our approach is to simplify the process by accepting any format (from the sender) and convert this to any format for receiver. By integrating with many parties within the same domain, all stakeholders we create...

Our model explained

The model is defined by three building blocks around the platform: subscriptions, saga's and memberships.

The VAN approach is to connect to others via the platform. Eliminating the need of developing a custom made connecting for each new stakeholder or message. This makes it way easier for organizations to...


A saga is a collection of messages regarding one subject.

Tank container messages a VAN can facilitate: Pre-announce, Acknowledge, Cancelation, Gate in + photo, Cleaning complete, Repair estimate + photo, Repair authorisation, Repair complete, Heating started, Heating on temperature, Redelivery notice, Gate out, (credit) Invoice

Innovative cloud solutions

The SYNDA teckstack matches scale of integration and responsibility for the communication proces.

SYNDA relies on the newest tech. The platform is built as a cloud native SAAS on Microsoft Azure Technology, with the highest Availability, Security and Reliability that Azure has to offer.

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